Best gun/weapon combos in PUBG Mobile 2020

Players Unknown Battleground (PUBG)  Mobile is a well flourished online video game in today's time. It is a survival game in which you have to survive till last by killing other players to win the matches. When you enter in the match, you will be dropped into an island via an aeroplane and thereafter your survival starts. You have to loot guns and other materials to survive in the match. The most important thing to win the match is having good guns because you have kill at least one last player to win the match (except when there are chances of heal battle or the last player die outside the play zone or if last player exit the game etc.). 

There are more chances to win the match if you have good guns with you such as drop guns or high damage guns. But there are also some guns in PUBG Mobile that are useless because of their very low damage and many other disadvantages. In this article we will talk about all those best gun combos  in PUBG Mobile that are most useful and players prefer to use them till the last circle. 

Many a time it happens that players get confused while choosing the best gun /combo in PUBG Mobile 2020. In this article, I will talk about the best gun combos for the snipers as well as for the assaulters. The combos mentioned in this article are also used by the competitive pro players and they all like these gun combination. So without wasting much time, let's start the topic best gun/weapon combos in PUBG Mobile 2020. 

Best gun/weapon combos in PUBG Mobile

1. AWM+Groza: 

This is the best gun/weapon combo in PUBG Mobile 2020 because both the guns in this combo are best known for assalting and sniping respectively. Both the guns in this combo is air drop guns and is not that easy to get them. AWM is the best sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile till now and it has the highest bullet piercing capability. Infact it is the only gun in PUBG Mobile that has the capability of penetrating a level 3 helmet with full accuracy. It means that you can get an easy knock or kill by hitting a single headshot even if the enemy is wearing a level 3 helmet. Crossbow can also completely penetrate the level 3 helmet but it is not counted in guns and the second thing is that it is also not much used by the players. 

Best gun/weapon combos in PUBG Mobile
Best gun/weapon combos in PUBG Mobile

On the other hand, Groza is a also an air drop gun and has the highest damage among all the Assault Rifles in PUBG Mobile. There are three types of attachments attachable in Groza and these are namely Suppressor, Magazine and Scope. The firing speed and bullet piercing of this gun is also very high  and you can get an easy knock with this gun. Groza is one of the best gun in PUBG Mobile for rushing against the TPP (Third Person Perspective) because it has very high damage along with high firing rate. So, you find this combo in any loot crate, you must pick it even if you are bad at sniping because a body shot of AWM can take up to 80 HP. 

2. M249+AWM: 

This is the second most best gun/weapon combo in PUBG Mobile 2020 for snipers as well as for assaulter. M249 has the highest bullets loaded in it in a single round. M249 can load up to 100 bullets in a single time and this is enough to wipe out a full squad in a single spray. It can only be equipped with a scope of zooming upto 6x and is one of the best weapon for close range fights. You can easily rush against tpp using this gun because you can give a continuous free fire with this gun while rushing. This gun is a monster for the enemies in vehicles because it can easily destroyed a vehicle in a single spray. The bullet piercing and the firing speed of M249 is also very high and you can get an easy knock with this gun. The only disadvantage of this gun is that it has a very high recoil and it sometimes becomes a headache to control it's recoil if you are not a  gyroscope player. 

Best gun/weapon combos in PUBG Mobile
Best gun/weapon combos in PUBG Mobile

While AWM is a beast sniper rifle for long range fights and if you are good at sniping, then no one can stop you from winning the match. The attachments that can be equipped in AWM are Muzzle, scope up to 8x zooming and Magazine. AWM is also the longest gun in PUBG Mobile and it should be kept in the left side of the character because it can expose you while changing the gun if it is in the right side of the character. So this gun combo can also be proved best if you find these guns anyhow. 

3. AUG A3+MK-14: 

This is the best gun/weapon combo in PUBG Mobile 2020 specially for those who love to do assalting. AUG A3 is the best gun in PUBG Mobile and is also the most accurate gun with the least recoil among all the guns in PUBG Mobile. Having a good aim assistance, this gun proves to be better than Groza  in many way. In an experiment to check weather AUG A3 is better or Groza, two teams each with 50 players were made. One team was using AUG A3 and the other team was given with Groza. Then each team was proned at a distance facing each other and started firing to each other. It was surprising to see that AUG A3 won that experiment with a very clear margin. Apart from gaming, in real life also army militant prefer to use AUG A3 rather than Groza. It can be equipped with three attachments in it that are Muzzle, Grip and Magazine. It uses the ammo of 5.5mm which is available very easily in loot places in PUBG Mobile. 

While MK-14 is said to be beast gun in PUBG Mobile and it is counted among the sniper Rifles with a very high damage. One headshot of Mk-14 can take upto 70%-80% of health of the enemy. It is also counted among to the guns in PUBG Mobile that can knock an enemy most quickly. It use the amo of 7.62 mm and is found in air drop supplies and can be equipped with two attachments in it namely muzzle and magazine. When talking of damage of this gun, a single bullet of this gun has the highest damage among all the guns except AWM and crossbow. If you are an assalter then you can't hate this gun and if you do, then definitely you don't know to use it properly. One more benefit of this gun is that, you can also equip upto 8x scope in it. This gun is good for long range when used in single mode and you can say it a beast in close range when used in auto mode with extended mag. So you can also use this gun combination in PUBG Mobile and it can easily help you to win any match. 

4. AKM+DP-28: 

AKM is the best gun among all the spawning Assault Rifles (AR) for an assalter. AKM can give the best damage among all the spawning guns in PUBG Mobile. It uses the amo of 7.62 mm and the amo speed of this gun is very high due to which the damage of AKM remains unchanged at any distance. The well known streamers and PUBG Mobile competitive players such as ScoutOP, Jonathan and many other known players also like to use AKM only for close range fights. What make it more over powered for close range is it's high aim assistance and the highest damage. There are only two attachments for this gun that are Muzzle and Magazine. Most of the players like to use compensator as a muzzle in AKM rather than flash hider or suppressor because it increases it's accuracy a lot. 

Best gun/weapon combos in PUBG Mobile
Best gun/weapon combos in PUBG Mobile

This gun can also be used in single firing mode that is very helpful for taking fights in long range with larger scope such as 6x and 4x. But as usual if something has merits, then it will have demerits also. The demerit of this is it's high recoil specially the vertical recoil and another demerit is it's disability to take a good fight in long range. It is best to use this gun without any scope i.e. in iron sight only. By using this gun in iron sight, a player get better accuracy and do not feel much recoil in this gun.

When we talk of DP-28, it is the most stable gun among all the guns that uses ammo of 7.67mm. It is counted in the list of light machine guns and is one of the most accurate and high damaging gun in PUBG Mobile. It uses the amo of 7.62mm. DP-28 is the best choice gun of the well known streamer and competitive player in PUBG Mobile, Mortal. What make it best among all the guns in PUBG Mobile is it's high damage and capability to fight at any range, weather it is close , middle or long range. Players use it in huge amount because it has all the property of a good gun. The only reason for which many players sometimes don't prefer to pick this gun is it's high reloading time. The firing rate of DP-28 is little low which is also a demerit of this gun. But when we talk of the merits of this gun, it Crystal clearly overcomes against it's demerits. Since, it is a light machine gun, it can load up to 47 bullets of in single time that help players a lot to give a longer spray with stability. This gun combination is one of the best gun/weapon combo in PUBG Mobile 2020. 

5. M416+M762: 

You can say that M416 is one and only gun that has negligible hater because everyone choose to keep this gun with them, never matter which gun they are having as secondary gun. M416 uses amo of 5.56 mm and is counted among the best gun for close as well as long range. It has also an appreciable damage greater than the Scar-L and has also a good fire rate. The most  thing in this gun that attracts the players is it's very less recoil and high stability and accuracy. When we talk of PUBG Mobile competitive players, everyone like to have M416 for long range spray. It is the only spawning gun in PUBG Mobile that has very less disadvantages and hold good in every situation. When it is equipped with all it's attachments which are namely stock, muzzle, grip, scope and magazine, then it will be the most dangerous spawning weapon in PUBG Mobile.

Best gun/weapon combos in PUBG Mobile

And when we talk of M762, it is one of the favorite gun of many well known PUBG Mobile players in India because it is a destroying gun for close range. This gun is also known as Beryl and most of the players of PUBG Mobile use this name only. It also uses amo of 7.62mm. Beryl has an appreciable damage and it's aim assistance is also good which make it one of the favorite choice among most of the PUBG Mobile players. The other thing that players find helpful in this gun is three firing modes available with it, single, burst in which three bullets releases with each tap and auto mode also. It can be equipped with three attachments in it namely, muzzle, Grip and magazine. When fitted with all these attachments, this gun can easily make a player to win close and mid range fights because it has a good fire rate along with high damage. But it has some disadvantages also. One of the disadvantage of using this gun is it's very high recoil without it's attachments. So this is also a best gun/weapon combo in PUBG Mobile 2020 that can easily help you to win any matches. 


In this article of Best gun/weapon combos in PUBG Mobile 2020, I have told you top 5 best gun combinations that is very dangerous for any enemy. In this article I have mentioned the features of each gun that make them over powered against any gun. The gun combinations that I have mentioned are, 

• AWM+Groza

• M249+AWM

• AUG A3+MK-14

• AKM+DP-28

• M416+M762

I have also mentioned the reasons of keeping these guns in this list and if you are also a pro player then you must be knowing the importance of these guns.


So this was all in this article of Best gun/weapon combos in PUBG Mobile 2020. I have listed here top 5 best gun combinations in PUBG Mobile that is very destroying and over powered. Hope you liked this article on best gun/weapon combos in PUBG Mobile 2020 and if you liked, then please leave a reply in the comment section. You can also have some queries through the email provided below. Stay connected with us for more this kind of information related to PUBG Mobile. But till then stay safe and stay happy. Thank You.