Features of realme5 new update to realme UI and Adroid 10

Realme is a smartphone brand that is quite new in market and it is made with the collaboration with Opponent smartphones. It provides a lots of exciting features in affordable price. In this article, we will talk about the Features of realme5 new update to realme UI and Adroid 10 and will also tell you the advantages of these features. This update is available in Realme5 and realme5 pro and this update is really important to download because it brings out many exciting features with it. In this update, the realme has launched a new version RMX1911EX_11_C.53 and has done many big changes and also added many new things in this update to make this smartphone more convenient for people. So, without wasting much time, let's start the topic Features of realme5 new update to realme UI and Adroid 10.

Features of realme5 new update to realme UI and Adroid 10: 

Major features: 

> After downloading this update, Realme5 will be updated form UI to realme UI. Actually, realme do not had their own UI initially but in this update, realme has added their own UI named realme UI. 

> The developers of realme has also added the latest version of Android which is Android 10. This Android version has many features and also make the smartphones smooth. The download size of this update is very large due to all these reasons. The total size of this update is 3.51 GB which is quite large for Cellular data users. 

Features of realme5 new update to realme UI and Adroid 10

Other features given in this update: 

There are a lot more features given in this update that make Realme5, Realme5s and realme5i much better than before. The other major and interesting features of this update are,

> A total new and interesting Real design make the vision more advance and also make it easier to perform any kind of operation. 

> The interface of the user has been very much optimized and it has also made the easier one-handed mode. One- handed mode is a feature that is available in the setting option in which you can perform any kind of work using only your single hand. This feature reduces the screen size so that your finger can reach on every button of the screen. But initially this feature was very simple but after the update some changes has been made that makes it more interesting. 

> There are also a lot of work done in smart sidebar. Smart sidebar is used to open some apps quickly without moving to the home page. This is much useful when you are doing some kind of other work and also want to keep notice on other apps. It can be opened from the front camera side just by sliding right in landscape mode. You can also open the smart side bar from sliding near the right screen. In this update, sidebar has changed a lot. Earlier, File Manager was seen in the sidebar but now the name of file manager is changed to File Console. OSIE visual effects has also been removed in this update and also there will be no notification alerts in smart sidebar. 

> After the update, you can use any app in split screen just by dragging the app outside from the smart sidebar. This enables us to perform multiple works same time. 

> There are more two new features related with the smart sidebar that this update has added Assistive Ball Opacity and hide Assistive Ball in full screen. If you want to see the Assistive Ball again then you have to slide down in the top corner of the screen. Assistive Ball help us to give commands by touching the ball multiple time as it is set for. 

>  This update has optimized the floating window features for more other apps also. You have to first turn on the allowance in settings for floating window to use this feature.  

> Another feature with it is that a bubble is added to the floating windows. A bubble is displayed while opening any app in the floating window from the smart sidebar. If you want to open or collapse any app, then simply tap the bubble. 

> The normal three finger screenshot is changed a little bit in this update. Earlier, the screenshot was done of the whole screen by swiping the screen with three fingers but after the update partial screenshot can be taken by swiping in the selected part. You can also take the long screenshot directly by swiping the screen with three fingers upward the screen. 

> Now you can set the preview position of the screenshot in the main screen. Another feature with it is that you can manually change the screenshot sound in the settings.

> The gesture mode is also changed in this update. Now, you will only be able to choose the gesture mode in landscape. 

> A new focus mode is added in the home screen that minimize the outside distraction while doing some important work such as learning or working. This is one of the best thing that is added in this update because it will control yourself from over using of smartphones specially when you are studying. 

> A new animation during charging is added replacing the earlier green effect with centered charging percentage. 

> The user interface for quick settings is optimized for making it easier one handed mode. 

> In Android 9, there were no options if pausing the screen recording and can only stop it, but in Android 10, a pause option is also given. 

> A floating window and settings are added for screen recording. 

> There are new sound effects added for compass pointer, file deletion, and calculator key. 

> The system build in ringtone is also optimized. 

> A  Talk back floating prompt is added for the accessibility in which you can talk to your phone and train it accordingly. 

> A new management features for recent task is also added in which you can see the memory of recently used apps and locked apps. 

Features of realme5 new update to realme UI and Adroid 10

> New wallpapers and live wallpapers are also added in the home screen. 

> When you swipe down in the home screen after ye update, a new global search or he notification panel will be shown. Options for customizing the shape, size and style of app icons is also added in the home screen. 

> For facilitating the one handed operation, the graphics design for password unlock is changed. 

> Now animated wallpapers is also supported on the lock screen and has also added a simple mode for home screen, icons , featuring larger fonts and clearer layout.  

> Another thing added through this update which is very necessary to keep our privacy protected is the addition of Random MAC Address generator. By, when our device is connected with any Wi-Fi network, the system generated a random MAC address that will avoid the targeted ads and thus will protect our privacy. 

> After the update, you can open calculator on the floating window in the Smart sidebar or Quick settings. Now a trim feature for recordings is also added. 

> Weather ringtone is added which automatically adapts the current weather and also added weather adaptive animations in weather. 

> Album recommendation is added that can recognize more than 80 different scenes and faces. Also, the album UI is optimized for cleaner structure and thumbnails. 

> You can now share files with Opponent, Vivo and Xiami devices using realme share. 

> The search engine in settings have been also optimized. Now you can see the fuzzy results also according to you search and also contains a search history that is very helpful for frequent search. 


So this was all in this article of Features of realme5 new update to realme UI and Adroid 10. I have told all the features of this update form minor to major. Hope you liked this article on Features of realme5 new update to realme UI and Adroid 10  and if you liked, then please leave a reply in the comment section. You can also have some queries through the email provided below. Stay connected with us for more this kind of information related to Tech and smartphone updates. But till then stay safe and stay happy. Thank You.