How to create a Database in Microsoft Office Access?

Before starting the main topic How to create a Database in Microsoft Office Access? we need to know some basic concepts about the Microsoft Office and a few more related things. There are many types of MS Office, some of them are used to organize and control the proper functioning of Microsoft Office while others are used to perform some kind of work. Further in this topic, I have mentioned all the details of Microsoft Office Access 2007. Keep remembering in mind that I have formed this according to Windows 10 and you may not find a few of the MS Office Access features in other Windows. So here below are some helpful information about MS Office Access and also How to create a Database in MS Office Access 2007. 

What is Microsoft Office Access 2007? 

MS Office Access is widely used all over the world for making databases for different data on various topics.  In MS Office Access, you can prepare a database of different topics to quickly access the required data. It requires a lot of raw data that can be categorized accordingly to quickly access that data. This software is widely used in hospitals, schools, defense, banks, etc for maintaining records and retrieving the required information quickly. MS Office Access gives us a lot of features to make an organized database of any subject. One of the most supporting and helping features of this software is it has a very simple interface and any can make a database in it with little knowledge of Computers and English.

How to create a database in Microsoft Office Access

How to open MS Office access in PC?

If you have recently started using a computer and you don't know to open MS office Access, then you can easily open MS Office Access in your computer by following these steps : 

Click on the 'Windows' icon in the lowermost left corner of your desktop.

Then scroll down until you see a drop-down File named as 'Microsoft Office'.

Now click on Microsoft Office and click on Microsoft Office Access to open it.

Here below is the simple direction to open MS Office Access 2007,

Windows< Microsoft Office< MS Office Access

How to create a Database in Microsoft Office Access? 

It is will be very easy for you to make a fully detailed database after reading this article completely. First of all, you need to gather all the data about the topic on which you are going to make a database. These data can contain some numerical values, alphabets, or mixed. In this article, we will learn to make a database in Microsoft Office Access 2007 in an easy way and in a fully detailed way. Once you open the MS Office Access 2007 on your computer, you will face an interface where you have to choose the type of template for making the database. But before starting to create a database we need to know a few things that we will face during creating a database. 

How to create a database in Microsoft Office Access
How to create a database in Microsoft Office Access

Template Categories:

MS Office Access 2007 provides us two types of templates for making a database and these are,

Featuring - These are featured by MS Office Access and it includes few templates such as Assets, Contacts, Issues, Events, Marketing Projects, Projects, Sales pipeline, Tasks, Faculty, and students. The benefit of using these templates is that you need not make categories for data as it is already made in these templates. 

Local Templates: These templates are categorized on the basis of the use of the templates. These types of templates are the most used templates by the users. These include Assets, Contacts, Events, Faculty, Issues, Marketing Projects, Northwind, etc.

You can use your own template for a database if you are making a database from a blank database. In this article, we will use the blank database for making a database because it is best for learning to make a database in MS Office Access. Now we can start to make a database in Microsoft Office Access 2007. 

Steps to create a database :

  • Open the MS Office Access 2007 in your computer;
  • Double click on the blank database (you can also choose the template ones);
  • Now give the name of the database on the right side of the page and click on the 'Create' button.
  • Your database table is ready to be used.

This was simply a direction to start a database for the beginners, further, we will learn in detail to make a database in a proper and defined way. So let's start making it.

Organizing a Database : 

It is very easy to create a database but it is not that easy to make and organize a database in a proper way because you need a lot of information and knowledge about the meaning and use of each of the icons present in the database. In this article, I will try to explain each of the required things to make a database informative and look good. I will explain all the operations according to the table tools given above the table.

A table contains rows and columns in it. The first row is for entering the field name, for example, if you are making a table on total marks obtained by students, then you have to mention the fields such as admission number, class, name, total marks, etc. 

Further, the lower rows are used for filling the data of the written fields. The data can be of any type such as numeric, alphabetic, etc. It should be kept in mind that you must use a field that is totally unique for every student mentioned in the table. You can use that field for searching all the information of a student by giving that field name. Admission Number, for example, is one of the most unique fields that can be used to access information quickly.

How to create a database in Microsoft Office Access
How to create a database in Microsoft Office Access

Another thing that is very important to keep in mind that you cannot use periods, exclamation points, brackets, or non-printable characters, otherwise the field name cannot be completed.

If you want to change the field name or any other thing in the table, then just double tap on that field or name.

Home :

It is the main page of the table where you can perform all the basic operations such as Font type, Font color,  underline, etc. There are all the editing and alignment types in the home button and you can do all the basic operations here. Let's have a brief account of the important things in the home button.


It contains four kinds of view options to see your table and edit that and these are namely, Datasheet View, PivotChart View, and Design View. It is very important to change the Data type of each of the fields in the table. Data type refers to the type of data you are entering in such as Numeric, Alphabetic, Nemo, etc and if it is not mentioned in the Design view, then you will be unable to enter the required data. 

The remaining buttons such as New, Save, Spelling check, etc. is not much important to consider because these operations can also be done by other alternative methods directly.

Create :  

This table tool is helpful for making changes in the table. We can create templates for the table here and can also apply changes in the table. Many a time, it becomes important for a database to add forms and margins in it, these types of operations can be done directly from here. The Create button mainly consists of Table, Table templates, SharePoint Lists, Table Design, Forms, and Report. You can add a form, split form, and multiple forms, etc. by selecting on them respectively. 

External Data : 

Suppose you have already made a table or list in some other source and you want to copy those lists in the MS Office Access table. In that case, you can export or load those lists from that source to your table with the use of an External Data table tool. You can also import data from other tables of the database and use it in the required data table. The other option from where you can import data are MS Office Excel, SharePoint List, Other Saved Exports, Word, Excel, and also through online sources. In other words, you can import your required data from most of the sources.

Database Tools : 

This option is best for those who cannot complete a database in only one table and has to use more than one table. In that case, the Database tool is very helpful because it helps us to make the relation of one table with others and can easily view that table. In simple word, Relationships helps us to redirect to another database of the same information. The other thing that it provides is your database. The remaining option available in Database tools is object dependencies, database documenter, SQL Server, etc. that are not much used.

Datasheet : 

It is one of the most important 'Table Tool' for many purposes. For example, if you want to insert symbols and currency or any other thing that cannot be done directly with the keyboard, you can do that thing from this table tool. You can also change the data type of each field from this table tool. The other important operations that can be done from this table tool are Add existing field, Lookup Column, Insert, rename, delete, Relationship, etc. 

In the lookup column, you can view some particular column just by giving the information of anyone field and the whole information about that field member will be in front of you. This thing is proved very helpful for retrieving data from the database after making it. 

Here below are some best field options according to the topic on which you are making a database,

> Basic Fields

A single line of text

Multiple lines of text

Rich text



Date and Time




> Assets





Acquired date

Purchase Price

Current value






Retired Date

> Contacts


Last Name

First Name

E-mail address

Job Title

Business phone

Mobile Phone

Fax Number




Zip/postal code


Web Page



> Events


Start Time

End Time




> Issues


Opened Date





Due Date



 > Projects

Project name




Begin Date

End Date

Budget in Days



> Tasks






Start Date

Due Date


Briefing : 

In this article, we learned about the basic concepts of using Microsoft Office Access 2007. We looked at different kinds of table tools used for making a database and have also learned something about each of the data tools. We have also seen the use of some tools that are mandatory to use for making a database table. If some of you were not knowing to open Microsoft Office Access in your PC, then I have also given the direction to open it. One thing in which most of the beginners find it difficult in making a table is they don't know to create fields and set the data type. In this article, I have mentioned all those things that are important for making a table in the database. Hope this article would be helpful to you if you wanted to know the proper way of making a table in the database. 

Conclusion : 

So, this was all in this topic of How to make a database in Microsoft Office Access? I have mentioned all the required information on each and every point that is necessary for making a meaningful database. If you also wanted to know the procedure of making a database in MS Office Access, then this article would be definitely found helpful to you. And if you have read this article properly, then you will be definitely known now, How to make a database in Microsoft Office Access? Hope you liked the article and this article would be proved helpful to you for your destination search. If you have some doubts related to this article then you can have a query in the comment section. Stay connected with us for more of these kinds of information and till then stay safe and protected. Thank You.